+ Ortema X4 Protection

maximum energy absorption!

Clinical studies have shown that during a fall it is primarily the rear of the head, the forehead and the temple areas that suffer impact. A completely new material is being used for the first time in the ski helmet field to provide greater protection of these especially at-risk areas: ORTEMA X4. Ortema, a leader in protective sports equipment and orthopedic technology, developed this high-tech protective foam that works optimally regardless of the ambient temperature and absorbs impact more effectively than other materials. This also applies to multiple blows in an extremely brief period, since the memory function on the ORTEMA X4 allows the material to regain its original volume within an extremely short time span.

MARKER Ortema models are extremely well equipped to satisfy anatomical and biometric criteria. All four critical areas (X4) on the rear of the head, the forehead and temples are reinforced and padded with ORTEMA X4 PROTECTION PADS. They adapt to the shape of the head, providing additional support to the already outstanding fit of the helmet itself. The anti-bacterial Coolmax® lining of the ORTEMA X4 PADS can be removed and washed after intense, sweat-inducing descents.